Bernard Tomic arrested in Miami after refusing to leave a hotel party

Bernard Tomic’s arrest photo. Photo: Miami Beach Police

Australian Tennis player Bernard Tomic’s fortnight has gone from bad to worse after he was arrested in Miami on Wednesday night after refusing to leave a posh hotel following a party that lasted until dawn.

First up, Tomic was dumped from the David Cup side after laying the blame for his third round Wimbledon loss to championship winner Novak Djokovic on a lack of support from Tennis Australia.

So the 22-year-old went off to the US to play in the Hall of Fame tournament in Newport, but ended up threatening to sue Tennis Australia after the organisation mistakenly sent out an email on Monday which had Tomic playing in the “Hall of Shame” championship.

Tennis Australia subsequently apologised to Tomic, but the tennis player now finds himself in trouble with US authorities after police were called to his $10,000-a-night penthouse suite at W South Beach Hotel.

Tomic was charged with resisting arrest and trespass just after 5am on Wednesday, US time, and was sent to a local correctional facility to sober up.

According to reports, security guards went to Tomic’s room after neighbours complained about loud music and noise. He refused to turn down the music and after three requests, security sought to have Tomic evicted and called police.

Miami Beach police said several people in the room left when requested, but Tomic refused, despite being asked several times. He was arrested as a result.

“He had been told ‘Look, the hotel doesn’t want you here, we’re giving you a trespass warning — if you do not leave, you are going to be arrested’,” Detective Thayer from Miami police said.

“It is believed he was under the influence of some type of alcohol,” he said.

Tomic spent the day in a correctional facility before being released at 5.40pm, local time.

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