An ex-NFL player caught his college teammate burglarizing his house on camera

Bernard BerrianABC 30Bernard Berrian caught his friend trying to burglarize his home.

Former wide receiver Bernard Berrian made a shocking discovery when he turned on a feed of his in-home security camera and saw his friend, and college teammate, Therrian Fontenot attempting to burglarize his house.

After a judge ordered Fontenot to serve the reminder of six-month jail sentence following a no contest plea, Berrian told ABC 30’s Sontaya Rose that the two were actually attending a barbecue together on April 28, hours before the attempted burglary took place.

“It was crazy because we were all sitting around and he actually left from where we were at to go do it,” Berrian said. “Boom, motion sensor went off, I get an email, so I click on the live cam.”

Viewing the live feed of one of his cameras, Berrian was able to see the burglar going through his belongings —  and was left speechless when he realised the perpetrator was his own friend, Fontenot.

“I actually watched him doing it while he was doing it,” Berrian said. “I could have actually spoke to him, I got a microphone on there. I could have told him, ‘I got you,’ while he was doing it.”

Bernard Berrian robberyABC 30Therrian Fontenot was caught on video.

Rather than confront him, Berrian watched quietly as his friend burglarized his home, even bringing cleaning supplies in order to wipe off his fingerprints.

“I was like, wow, he is a real professional,” Berrian said. “He takes a spray bottle with him to wipe off fingerprints and a towel.”

Berrian said he originally installed the extra security and surveillance equipment after his home was broken into twice, a few weeks prior, with approximately $US30,000 in cash taken. Rose reports that no arrests were made for the initial robberies due to a lack of evidence —  including no fingerprints being found at the scene.

Berrian said he doesn’t believe Fontenot’s actions were with malice. Rather, he believes his former Fresno State teammate was attempting to live a lavish lifestyle.

“He tried to keep up with this status that he was this big baller, playing, having a bunch of girls and had money and was travelling everywhere,” Berrian said. “But he wasn’t doing that on his own, it was other people that were putting him up.”

Berrian has since come to grips with the situation, and even made light of it in a recent Instagram post:

The caption reads:

“Say what ya want, but it happened to me. Many others too, they just deny or havevent realised it. Anyway, its funny ok!! Its news to y’all not me. Sooooo, the anger stage has come n gone, long long time ago. & now we’re in the comedic stage, & THIS S*** IS FUNNY!! For some money. Dumb a**!! You dont steal from or do people dirty that have nothing but time to figure things out. Stop stealin period. What are you 6??!?!! #NoIDidNotMakeThisMeme #Comedy #Hilarious #ReadMyFace #WhatsItSay #LiterallyInTearsWhenItGotPassedToMe #Abc30 #BreakInNews #Literally #PunIntended #BigPun #LockedUp #YaDidItToYaSELF #GotEeeeeem”

Berrian made nearly $US23 million in NFL salary in his career with the Bears and Vikings.

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