Silvio Berlusconi Thinks All Women Are Exhibitionists

Silvio Berlusconi with two women in Sardinia

Photo: AP

Silvio Berlusconi, in an unusual move, found time to attend his own trial for allegedly using an underage prostitute today, the Guardian reports.He also found time to say some weird things about women to reporters outside.

“Girls … women are by nature exhibitionist” he said, apparently aiming to explain away why women dressed as nuns were stripping at one of notorious “bunga bunga” reports — which of course he called a “burlesque show”.

A reminder: The former Italian prime minister is on trial for allegedly paying then 17-year-old Moroccan runaway, Karima el-Mahroug (aka “Ruby the Heart Breaker), for sex. He once phone police after she was arrested for theft in 2010, and pretended she was the niece of then Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak (she isn’t).

Learn more about Berlusconi’s love for the fairer sex here >

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