Berlusconi Is Using Facebook To Drop Hints About A Possible Comeback

silvio berlusconi facebook cropped

Photo: Silvio Berlusconi on Facebook

Silvio Berlusconi seems to love using Facebook. He said some slightly crazy things on the social network about the ECB last summer, and even announced his resignation on it in November.Now he seems to be using it to hint at a comeback, a widely rumoured possibility.

Here’s a translation of his latest message:

What prompts me to continue to commit myself is the sense of responsibility to my country and maybe the bitterness of not having done everything I wanted.

All the party, starting with the MEPs, asking me to come back to take advantage of my popularity during the election campaign. I have not yet decided but one thing is sure: I was always at the service of my country.

The Pdl has loyally supported The Government, and this is manifested in the Parliament with 34 votes of confidence. But it is true that it is a critical support, a goad to the adoption of constitutional reforms and measures for growth.

The decision to resign came from the desire to create a Government of technicians who take advantage of the support of the majority and the opposition, in order to finally change the structure of the State and make Italy a governable Country such as France. Unfortunately, for the moment, so it was not.

The hypothesis of an exit from the euro has undoubtedly been wielded by certain members of my own party tactically to change direction at the German position. But in Pdl believe all that the exit from the euro would be a disaster.

For my part I have only said that faced with intransigence on the budgetary discipline and rigour, which are important but insufficient goals if you don’t take as counterpart measures on growth, the problem of an exit from the euro will eventually be inevitable, at least to save the productive force of our country.

The message was posted 5 hours ago and so far 1,441 people like it, by the way.

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