Berlusconi Has Already Had To Retract Something He Said In An Interview With German Newspaper Bild Published Today

silvio berlusconi

Photo: AP Images

Earlier today, German Newspaper Bild published an interview with ex-Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi and that featured some typical Silvio comments.Aside from the usual bragging about saving Italy from “communism” and the like, Berlusconi also found time to brag about his relationship with Angela Merkel (he even reportedly brought a folder of photos of him with the German Chancellor to the meeting) while claiming he wanted a “more European Germany, not a ‘more German’ Europe.”

He also once again fielded questions about his sex scandals and accusations of prostitution:

I even went to the girls who have been associated with prostitution. They have only danced like any other nightclub in the world. All allegations will vanish into thin air……that have been made against me. There were over 50 and I’ve spent more than 428 million euros for lawyers and legal aid. I do not think anyone but me would have withstood so many attacks.

Perhaps most unsurprisingly, Berlusconi did offer an insight into the future of his party, the People of Freedom party:

I can only say so much that my party “people of freedom” would never let you down. We will return soon to the old party name by the way: “Forza Italia”.

Understandably, some wondered if this was yet another hint that he may be planning to run for office

Fittingly for Berlusconi, the interview didn’t come without some controversy. Following the release of the interview and the subsequent publication by Italian media, Berlusconi was forced to quickly retract the statement concerning changing the name to Forza Italia after senior members of the People of Freedom party voiced their displeasure, according to the Telegraph.

He explained that the name change was simply “an idea, a proposal to talk about”, not an agreed upon and official change. Berlusconi originally entered Italian politics with the party Forza Italia, which was later renamed to the People of Freedom in 2009.

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