The End Of Berlusconi? Key Confidence Vote Will Face Toughest Challenge Yet

Silvio Berlusconi

Photo: AP

Silvio Berlusconi is expected to address Italian parliament on Thursday, calling for a vote of confidence in his government to be held the following day, according to reports from the AP.The situation is looking dire for the Italian premier. It appears that after years of scandals, the Italian establishment may be ready to ditch Berlusconi.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano issued a statement on Wednesday expressing deep concern over Berlusconi’s ability to govern, Reuters reports.

It gets worse. Berlusconi lost a routine lower-house budget vote on Tuesday — an unprecedented defeat for a government in the 65-year history of the Italian parliament.

Two of Berlusconi’s most important allies, Umberto Bossi of the Lega Nord and Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti didn’t take part in the vote, spreading rumours that the Italian premier may be facing a plot to oust him, according to John Hooper of The Guardian.

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