Take a tour of the hottest new neighbourhood in Berlin

Café Pförtner BerlinCourtesy of Café PförtnerHipsters love Café Pförtner, located inside inside a colorfully converted bus.

For years, Berliners have been saying that Wedding, a 3.5-square-mile working classneighbourhood in Berlin, is on the verge of exploding, perched on the precipice of becoming Berlin’s hot new neighbourhood.

Now it seems like Wedding’s time is actually coming, as cool new bars, shops, and restaurants are sprouting up, and the neighbourhood is rife with bearded and bunned locals.

Indeed, Wedding is gentrifying rapidly, but manages to retain its authentic, multicultural vibe. While there are still some rough spots in the area, generally, upscale mingles with rundown, new rubs shoulders with old, and rent is still affordable for the many artists and students who call it home.

Let’s take a tour.

Located in Berlin Mitte, Wedding was combined with the Tiergarten neighbourhood in 2001, while its eastern half became the new neighbourhood of Gesundbrunnen.

Courtesy of Ashley Jones

There's a big arts scene here. Wilma is essentially an art gallery-slash-bar-slash-circus, with the occasional fire eater as entertainment, as well as backyard barbecues and bonfires.

Courtesy of Ashley Jones

Check out Wilma here »

Hipsters love the neighbourhood, as more and more cool shops, bars, and restaurants are moving in.

Courtesy of Volta Bar

Volta Bar is the most avant garde spot in the neighbourhood. Run by a famous local chef it features incredible cocktails, as well as delicious Asian fusion snacks, like wonton pizza.

Courtesy of Volta Bar

Check out Volta Bar here »

Castle Pub is a popular local bar, serving up 30 beers from tap, 20 micro brews and 50 bottled beers.

Courtesy of Castle Pub

Check Castle Pub out here »

Castle Pub's owners also run the super popular dive bar Fos Café Bar (aka F Bar) in Wedding, and are opening a brewery in the neighbourhood next month.

Enjoy a Schnitzel in the sun, or inside of a colorfully converted bus at Café Pförtner.

Courtesy of Café Pförtner

Check out Café Pförtner here »

Moritz Bar imports Moritz beer from Barcelona, makes their own famous tonic water for their popular Gin and Tonics, and makes a mean Caibeerinha -- a beer-y Caipirinha.

Courtesy of Moritz Bar/Lena Meyer

The stylin' bar is pretty Brooklyn chic.

Courtesy of Moritz Bar/Claudia Goedke

Check out Moritz Bar here »

Vagabund Brauerei is a brewery founded by three Americans, and brings the American craft beer way to German palates used to adherence to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Laws. The brewery has a rotation of six nano brews.

Courtesy of Vagabund Bar

Check out Vagabund Brauerei here »

And what's a hip hood without an old-school bowling alley? Kugelbahn takes it way old school with two lanes in what appears to be your grandmother's basement.

Courtesy of Kugelbahn/Jessica Schmidt

Check out Kugelbahn here »

Unlike your grandmother's basement however, this one features DJs and live music.

Courtesy of Kugelbahn/Jessica Schmidt

At almost 280 feet in height, Humboldthain's remaining Flak tower affords incredible views of Berlin.

Courtesy of Ashley Jones

These 'Altbau' buildings -- classic old world apartments with ceiling moulding and parquet floors -- are highly coveted. Wedding is one of the few neighbourhoods in Berlin where these are still affordable.

Courtesy of Ashley Jones

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