Check Out Berlin's Audacious Plan For The World's Longest Swimming Pool

river spree

Photo: realities:united

The third annual Holcim Awards, which honour sustainable construction projects, shed light on one of the most audacious projects we’ve seen for transforming a city centre.German architectural firm, realities:united plans to convert part of the River Spree, which runs through Berlin’s city centre, into a swimming pool, almost half a mile long.

Construction is due to start in 2018. The aim is to make the pool open to the public while also hoping to encourage people to be more mindful when dumping waste into the river, after all, you may end up swimming in it.

Have a look at the following design picture courtesy of the company’s website to see what the finished project will look like. The website also has a pretty interesting video showing the design proposal.

The pool will run through Berlin's city centre, utilising the highlighted strip of the River Spree.

The pool will be adjacent to some of Berlin's most famous sites as well as a 780-meter-long wetland seen here highlighted in green.

And here is a cross-section of that wetland...

And here's a cross-section of the pool...

Here's a closer look at just the pool stretch of the design.

And here's what the city could be enjoying in the future.

Swimming with scenery.

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