A Tiny Berlin Soccer Stadium Is The Best Place In The World To Watch The World Cup

If you can’t go to Brazil, the best place on earth to watch the World Cup is a small soccer stadium in Berlin.

Union Berlin, a second-division German club, has turned their stadium into one gigantic living room with more than 12,000 fans expected to watch Germany’s opening match against Portugal on up to 850 sofas.

The club invited the fans to bring their own sofas to the stadium for the World Cup. Here is what the scene looked like during the opening match of the World Cup between Brazil and Croatia.

There really is a sense of watching the game at home, complete with end tables and lamps, while still being able to share the excitement with other soccer fans.

Some of the fans added their own modifications to make it even more like home. The flowers and the photos on the wall behind the couch were a nice touch.

The fans watch the matches on a large screen.

Even the stage looks like a living room.

And don’t worry about the weather. The club provided covers for the sofas in case it rains.

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