These 15 Snapshots Of Bento Box Lunches Will Inspire You To Pack Your Own Feast

Photo: Malaika Gordon

Malaika Gordon might bring her lunch to work everyday, but the meals are far from routine.First, there’s that colourful Bento box.

Then there’s the size of the boxes themselves, just enough to hold the perfect amount of food.

In the spirit of Enemy of Debt’s No Restaurant challenge—and my own commitment to brown-bagging at work—we’ve compiled our favourite posts from Gordon’s lunch blog, A Packable Feast to get you inspired to pack your own lunch.

We’ve also included Gordon’s expert tips to help you pack like a pro with flair. Dig in!

Gordon started packing her lunch after she realised her frequent trips to Pret A Manger were blowing her budget.

The lovely bento box was purchased from

Sharing pictures of her lunch with family inspired Gordon to start the blog.

Every lunch has to have a protein, two fruits or vegetables, plus a treat for dessert.

Sometimes she'll draw a happy face or a star in the yogurt using dried cranberries.

Packing over the weekend helps Gordon plan ahead. Typically, she takes an hour on Saturday to cook her meals.

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