Bentley's New Colognes Make You Smell Like The Inside Of A Fancy Car

bentley cologne collection

Photo: Bentley Motors

Wealthy drivers who love their luxury vehicles will soon be able to smell like them, thanks to Bentley.The British automaker announced the launch of its first luxury fragrance range today, starting with three colognes.

The “Lalique Bentley Crystal Edition” is a collaboration with French crystal maker Lalique, which created a crystal bottle topped with the Bentley “Flying B.”

It will hold an eau de parfum created by Mylène Alran from perfume house Robertet. Bentley describes the scent as “a fitting elixir of fine woody notes and exquisite leather to complement the epicentres of excellence within Bentley’s craftsmanship.”

Meaning, it smells like the wood and leather-filled interior of a Bentley.

The two other fragrances are “Bentley for Men” and “Bentley for Men Intense” (the “high-impact” version). Both are created by French perfumer Nathalie Lorson at Firmenich, and also feature “fine wood and leather notes.”

The “Bentley for Men” product range also includes shave balm, and hair and body shampoo.

The fragrances will go on sale in April 2013. A 40 ml bottle of the “Lalique” costs £3,000 ($4,656).

The much more affordable 60 ml bottle of “Bentley for Men” runs for £43 ($66.74); the “Intense” for £69.50 ($107.87).

bentley cologne collection

Photo: Bentley Motors

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