Bentley Sales Plummet, So Staff Only Has To Work Three Days a Week

A curious development out of the UK. Declining Bentley sales have forced production-line workers to log three-day shifts instead of working four days a week. But those workers will still be paid for four days of work, so they essentially get an extra day off without suffering a salary reduction.

The only loser in this situation? Bentley.

BBC: Almost four thousand staff at Crewe-based carmaker Bentley are going down to a three-day week.

The firm has blamed the cut in production on the economic slowdown which has led to a fall in sales.

The luxury car maker says there has been a 16% fall in global sales in the year-to-date, with demand dropping the most in the US market.

Production line workers were told on Thursday that shifts were being cut from four days a week to three days.

Staff will stay on full pay until production is stepped up again under a “time banking” agreement.

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