Salesforce's Marc Benioff Is Convinced That Angela Ahrendts Will Be Apple's Next CEO CEO Marc Benioff is a bigwig in the Valley. His name is usually associated with the word “visionary.”

He tweeted something pretty interesting on Tuesday, declaring Burberry’s outgoing CEO Angela Ahrendts as the next CEO of Apple:

Angela ahrendtsREUTERS/Paul HackettAngela Ahrendts

Benioff is friends with Ahrendts. She spoke at his company’s annual conference last year where she talked about how smartphones could change how people shop in retail stores.

Under her leadership, Burberry built amazing techno-laden retail stores where people used their smartphones to see videos and learn more about the products.

There’s been lots of speculation that the real reason Ahrendts agreed to head up Apple’s retail division was to become the heir to Apple’s CEO throne.

Could Benioff know something? Food for thought.

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