New York Bar Considers A Change That Could revolutionise Law Schools

new york law school

Photo: New York Law School

The New York bar’s leaders, judges, and law professors met at NYU Law today to consider whether law schools should lop off their third year.In today’s New York Times, Northwestern Law dean Daniel B. Rodriguez and NYU law professor Samuel Estreicher advocate for the change, arguing that it could help ease the incredible cost of law school tuition.

Here’s the proposal: The New York State Court of Appeals would change its rules to allow law students to take the New York bar exam after two years of law school instead of three. While law schools would still offer a third year, students could ditch that year if they pass the exam and start making money as a lawyer.

With law school tuition and fees soaring up to $50,000 a year at some schools, the average law student graduates with $100,000 in debt, which many grads spend decades of their adult lives paying off.

If New York passes this proposal, students will be able to save money on their third year of tuition and start earning money a lot sooner.

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