Sorry Teachers Unions, Here's Proof You're Not Nearly As Important As You Think You Are

Chris Christie

Earlier we noted a study from Harvard’s Raj Chetty indicating that innate intelligence was clearly the #1 determiner of success in life. Your ability to score well in a simple Kindergarten exam basically served as a solid predictor of your success in life.

So where does that leave other factors in the education system?

Teachers unions will be disappointed. And New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be happy.

That same study indicated that things like teaching experience and class size (a big teachers union issue since smaller class size equals more jobs for teachers) aren’t so crucial.

First, they looked at class size

Do you see a huge difference in college attendance among those from big and small classes?

It doesn't much affect the quality of your colleges

Or your earnings

As for teacher experience...

Yes, it's reasonably important, though as you can see, the data is very scattered.

The impact of teacher experience on earnings is even more tenuous

But basically, it doesn't matter how much experience your teachers had

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