Benedict Cumberbatch saved a Deliveroo cyclist from four London thieves

GettyActor Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • The Sun: Benedict Cumberbatch spotted a food delivery cyclist being attacked in London and stepped in to help.
  • The cyclist was not seriously hurt but the attackers escaped.

LONDON – Superstar actor Benedict Cumberbatch saved a Deliveroo cyclist from four muggers in London, according to The Sun newspaper.

The Dr. Strange star turned into a real-life superhero during the recent incident, jumping out of an Uber he was travelling in after spotting the assault.

The Sun on Saturday reported that the Sherlock rushed to the aid of the food delivery cyclist. In a strange coincidence, the incident took place near Baker Street, the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes.

Uber driver Ma­n­uel Dias, who was transporting Cumberbatch, told the paper: “He stood there instructing them in the street, shouting, ‘Leave him alone’.

“It was only then I recognised Benedict. Then it all got a bit surreal. Here was Sherlock Holmes fighting off four attackers just round the corner from Baker Street.”

Avengers star Cumberbatch confirmed to the paper that he had been involved in the incident, saying: “I did it out of, well, I had to, you know.”

The four attackers escaped from the scene. The Deliveroo driver was not seriously hurt in the attack.

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