Idaho Couple Flees Horror House After Infestation By Thousands Of Garter Snakes

When Ben Sessions and his wife bought their dream home in Rexburg, Idaho they were thrilled; the weather was warm and at $180,000, the house was a bargain.

In a story by the Associated Press, the weather cooled and everything changed. Thousands of garter snakes started showing up in the yard, the chicken coop, and in the house.

The snakes became so numerous, with Seasons killing almost 42 a single day, their musky scent filled the drinking water.

The couple collected buckets of the reptiles. They could hear them in the walls, and in the ceilings. They removed vinyl siding from the outside of the house and snakes crawled out.

When Seasons signed papers for the property, the snake infestation was noted, but he was assured by the Realtor it was simply an excuse by the previous owners to walk away from their mortgage.

The warning was legitimate. It turned out the house was built atop a garter snake den and that nearly everyone else in the small college town referred to their new home as the “snake house”.

With no recourse the couple fled their home, filed for bankruptcy, and the bank foreclosed on the house.

The house is again on the market for about $100,000.

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