Ben Carson campaign releases strange statement denying he's pulling the plug, says he's going home to get a fresh set of clothes

Ben Carson’s campaign Monday night released a statement denying that the retired neurosurgeon was suspending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Carson’s communication director, Larry Ross, said in the statement that Carson was leaving Iowa, where the nation’s first caucuses were held Monday night, early to go home and “get a fresh set of clothes.”

The statement came after questions over whether Carson’s early departure might signal the end of his campaign.

“Contrary to false media reports, Dr. Ben Carson is not suspending his presidential campaign, which is stronger than ever,” Ross said in the statement. “After spending 18 consecutive days on the campaign trail, Dr. Carson needs to go home and get a fresh set of clothes. He will be departing Des Moines later tonight to avoid the snow storm and will be back on the trail Wednesday. We look forward to tonight’s caucus results and to meaningful debates in New Hampshire and South Carolina.”

Carson was running fourth behind Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) in the Iowa Republican caucuses at the time the statement came out.

Armstrong Williams, an informal adviser to Carson, tweeted that the rumours of Carson quitting were “poison being spread by liars that are threatened by his sudden Iowa surge.”

Carson’s campaign has derailed in recent weeks as top officials have departed.

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