Ben Carson sent us a special selfie

Attached imageBen CarsonDr. Ben Carson snapped as selfie for Business Insider

Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon and likely Republican candidate, wants people to stop taking selfies. But he’s willing to snap one when he’s asked — and he took one just for Business Insider.

Lat week, Carson wrote an essay for the Washington Post where he criticised selfies as dangerous and narcissistic. In response to his story, Business Insider asked if he might still be willing to indulge us by taking a selfie.

Sans glasses and apparently seated in the back of a car, Carson flashed a tepid smile in the picture he sent our way on Monday.

Carson revealed his opposition to the photography practice as part of an essay collection in the Post, “Ten Things to toss” this spring.

“Please stop,” he pleaded with selfie enthusiasts, adding, “Focus your camera on your surroundings, not on yourself!”

Following his article, Business Insider interviewed Carson fans who said he gladly joined them for selfies when they asked. However, a spokesperson for the doctor said Carson feels uncomfortable when fans swarm to him and want to include him in their selfies because he fears it could become a form of idolatry.

Nevertheless, based on the picture he sent us, Carson clearly has a sense of humour about the selfie trend.

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