Ben & Jerry's made a stoner version of Apple's classic 1984 ad in honour of 4/20

In honour of stoner holiday 4/20, Ben & Jerry’s has released an ice cream burrito, the BRRR-ito.

The company announced the new product in a parody of Apple’s legendary “1984” commercial, which is “widely considered the greatest commercial in Super Bowl history.

Both commercials feature rows of zombie-like people living in a conformist world. Like the original, Ben & Jerry’s ad opens with slack-faced men and women gazing at a giant screen. 

Ben & Jerry's adyoutubeThe Ben & Jerry’s ad
Apple 1984youtubeApple’s famed ‘1984’ television spot.

The ads then cut to one woman, dashing down a hall toward the room.

Ben & Jerry's adyoutubeIn the Ben & Jerry’s ad the female hero clutches an ice cream burrito.
Apple 1984youtubeApple’s ‘1984’ sees a woman dashing down a hallway with a sledgehammer.

However, rather than hurling a sledgehammer through a screen featuring an oppressive leader, the woman in the Ben & Jerry’s ad bravely shatters a giant image of an ice cream sandwich using an ice cream burrito. 

Both ads then introduce their respective products.

The Ben & Jerry’s new BRRR-ito comes with two scoops of ice cream in your choice of flavour (no, the weed-infused variety is not available yet), chocolate cookie crumbs, and a fudge drizzle wrapped in a “tortilla” made of a soft cone. 

You can watch both ads in full below. 

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