Why Ben And Jerry Debuts New Ice Cream Flavours In The Winter

Ben and jerry'sBen & Jerry’sBen & Jerry’s introduced these new flavours on Tuesday, January 13.

Ice cream launch season has arrived.

Ben & Jerry’s just released three new flavours with cookie cores to add to their “core” collection, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

The new flavours are Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core, Peanut Buttah Cookie Core, and Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core. Each flavour has a cookie-like center.

This is the time of year Ben & Jerry’s usually releases new products. Last February, the ice cream company introduced new core flavours, which solved the problem of having to dig throughout the pint for delicious toppings.

Ben & Jerry’s senior brand manager, John Henry Siedlecki, told Businessweek that most new flavours are launched between January and April. The company generally releases most of their new flavours in February, but they are getting an early start this year.

But if ice cream sales generally plummet in the winter, why would brands rush to release new flavours?

Euromonitor International analyst Matthew Hudak told Businessweek that introducing new flavours entices consumers to purchase ice cream when they would otherwise opt for warmer treats.

“It does sound counterintuitive because you assume, come winter, no one really wants ice cream […] But it’s a time for flavour competition simply because it’s one of the few things that can drive sales at the time,” he said.

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