If You Want To Blow A Meeting With 500Startups’ Dave McClure, Text Him A Middle Finger Symbol And Sleep Under His Desk

Dave McClure and Ben Way Startups Silicon Valley

Bravo’s series premiere of “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” aired last night. It follows a few entrepreneurs trying to make it in Silicon Valley.

One of the highlights from the episode was a horrible meeting between 500Startups’ Dave McClure and sibling founders Ben and Hermione Way.

The two secured the meeting with foul-mouthed McClure by sending him a text message with the middle-finger symbol. It was all down hill from there.

The night before the meeting, the Ways threw a toga party to celebrate their new venture. Hermione had a little too much fun. 

While waiting for McClure to arrive, she actually took a nap under his desk to help nurse her hangover. 

Midway through Ben’s pitch of Ignite, a fitness-related mobile app, McClure interrupted him and decided to take a look at the deck himself.

That left Ben feeling disrespected and McClure ultimately deciding that he’s not one to take “irrational risks.” 

McClure also warned, “You don’t need to sweep me off my feet. You just need to be a good kisser.”

Watch the scene below:

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