Ben Affleck's Ponderous Political Footsie

We imagine that it was inevitable that doing pub for politically-oriented thriller State of Play, the worn-down story line of Ben Affleck’s future in real politics would emerge once more.

The Daily Beast dispatched Pat O’Brien to interview him in a man-on-man love fest. He doesn’t say that he’s planning to run one day, but he does opine on Africa and American politics.

He describes his leanings as such:

“I don’t adhere to a lock-step adherence to a party. If your guys are in a party, we’ll work with them. If not I’ll go somewhere else. It’s like sports where just because you’re born somewhere you root for that team and I root for this. It’s important to care for the result…what comes out of Washington. To push, to be active and also to care.”

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