12 Ben Affleck 'Daredevil' Gifs That Show Batfleck's Superhero Acting Credentials

By now we’re all aware Ben Affleck is the new Batman in the upcoming “Batman Vs. Superman,” but how well do we all remember Ben Affleck in “Daredevil,” the 2003 superhero movie that launched Affleck’s acting… no, that’s wrong. The movie that vaulted Affleck into the directing… no, no, that’s not correct either.

OK, lets face it, Daredevil was a bad movie that didn’t really do anything for him. Affleck’s performance as the streaking red blind man lands somewhere between “Gigli” and “The Third Wheel.”

But we’re talking about Batfleck as a superhero here. As a quick and easy refresher, we’ve created 12 gifs that show Affleck in pure, unadulterated superhero-y form searching for justice, blind justice.


Time to suit up as the double D.

It’s Colin Farrell! Quick! Duck!

Now dive! DIVE you red devil!

Now in slow motion for emotional impact.

Now brood a bit. All superheros must brood.

Surprise attack Affleck!

Every superhero has a moment of vulnerability.

But they never lose their mask… You’re doing it wrong Ben!

Down but not out. Fight! Sliding kick to both knees.

Victory. Like a kiss from a rose.

Superheros must perform in their normal identity as well.

Sexy time.

Ladies, gentleman, Batfans, there’s your new Batman.

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