29,000 Students At A Top London University Have Been Caught In A Reply-All Email Chain Of Epic Proportions

At 10.47 pm last night, the Provost of University College London (UCL) sent a mysterious email to all students. And by “all” students, we mean ALL the students at UCL, about 29,000 people:


It’s not clear what “bello” means, but one thing we do know is that students on the mailing list have been caught in reply-all hell ever since.

Students have complained that they have received 3,000 or more emails, and that the reply-all chain is even draining their phone batteries as they try to handle the large amount of incoming emails.

Hours after the “bello” email was sent, “#bellogate” was the UK’s top trending topic on Twitter.

The mailing list has been signed up to everything from hardcore porn sites to dating sites and the official One Direction fan club.

Some students discovered how to spoof the email system to make it look like emails were sent from official university accounts.