After Using A Startup Called Bellhops, I'm Never Going Back To Traditional Movers

Moving can be a huge pain — and this was my third move in just 14 months. So you might say I’m a bit of a moving veteran.

But after just two hours on Thursday, I could easily say this was the smoothest move I’d experienced, thanks to two college students sent by a new moving startup called Bellhops.

About a month ago, I made my reservation online. I was just moving across the street (much easier than when I moved to NYC for the first time), so I selected “Local Move” and asked for two Bellhops, which cost $US80 an hour ($40/hour per student).

You just have to make an $US80 deposit (which goes to your first hour of moving), and the rest is charged after you confirm the duration of your move.

So a month later, I got an email from Bellhops telling me the names of the two students who would be helping me move out. And the day prior, I received a call from one of the students, who introduced himself to me and made sure I reserved the elevators.

At 3:15 p.m. (15 minutes early) on moving day, I got a call from Sorab Kochhar, my move captain, saying he and Jake Salerno were at my building.

Meet my two Bellhops, Sorab (left) and Jake. They’re both seniors at Rutgers.

They were both super nice the whole time, and they even brought me a water bottle (despite the fact that they were really the ones doing most of the heavy lifting).

Sorab is the campus leader for Rutgers, and he’s been working for Bellhops since January. He’s majoring in IT and economics, and he loves the flexibility Bellhops allows him. He can choose to work on as many moves as he wants. Sorab is in charge of recruiting all the Bellhops for Rutgers, many of which are his brothers from the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Jake prides himself on holding the top position on the Rutgers leaderboard, having worked on eight or nine of Rutgers’ 14 Bellhops moves. Jake is majoring in Materials Science and likes working for Bellhops because he gets to be his own boss.

Sorab and Jake are two of more than 8,000 student movers who work for Bellhops in more than 121 cities in 42 states.

I can’t speak for those other 8,000 student movers, but Sorab and Jake did a great job moving me into my new apartment — and they did it in just two hours. The previous time I moved, my mother and two brothers all had to pitch in — on top of a mover — and let’s just say it took much longer than two hours. Granted, this move was just across the street, but it was such a pleasure to sit back and let Bellhops take care of everything.


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