Multiple Officials Arrested In California Municipality With $800,000 City Manager


At least 8 officials in Bell, Calif. were arrested this morning on fraud charges, according to LA Times.

Those arrested include former City Manager Robert Rizzo, who quit in July after reports of his $800,000 to $1,500,000 salary.

An audit by LA Times found Rizzo had used public funds to pay back private loans — “a classic case of federal wire fraud” says Stanford Criminal Justice centre’s Robert Weisberg.

Under Rizzo’s direction, the city loaned $175,000 to Rizzo. It also loaned $1.6 million to other city officials:

Documents obtained by The Times last month show that former Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia received three loans totaling more than $300,000. Lourdes Garcia, the administrative services manager, obtained two loans for $177,500; and Annette Peretz, Bell’s director of community services, got a $95,000 loan. The loans were all signed by Rizzo and appeared to be given with vacation and sick pay used as collateral.

Councilmen Artiga and Oscar Hernandez each received a $20,000 loan. Neither reported the loans on financial disclosure forms, which is required under state law.


Bell isn’t the only city to overpay it’s officials. Check out 16 California City Managers Who Earn More Than $300,000 >

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