Beliefnet: Actual News Corp. Acquisition

News Corp. (NWS) may or may not be buying Digg or LinkedIn, but it is buying Beliefnet, the spirituality-based site founded by Steve Waldman that boasts 3.1 million uniques. From mediabistro’s FishbowlNY, which broke the story:

In response to an anonymous tip we received, a call to Waldman resulted in a return call from a Fox spokeswoman requesting that this item be held until tomorrow morning to be supplemented by further information. When offered the opportunity to deny the story, the response was “OK, we’re not going to comment.

Update: We’ve confirmed it ourselves; no pricetag yet.

One interesting twist: The deal is being overseen not by Peter Levinsohn, who runs News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media group, but by Dan Fawcett, who runs Fox Digital Media. The difference? FIM is ostensibly in charge of News Corp.’s Internet properties, while Fox Digital is the group that’s supposed to move Fox movies, TV shows, etc. online. Confused? Then you’ll like this: The man who used to run Fox Digital was…Peter Levinsohn.

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