It Has Been One Year Since Belgium Had A Government

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Belgian elections that left the country without an official government (via The Telegraph).

This gives the Belgium the Guinness World Record of the longest time in modern history that a country has been without an official government, edging past Iraq.

The June 2010 elections put the Flemish separatist N-VA party with the biggest share of the vote, with the Francophone socialist PS party in second.

The two parties have not managed to work together since the election to form a coalition. Despite the fact that he officially resigned a year ago, a temporary government with Former Prime Minister Yves Leterme at the helm has been running Belgium in the mean time. Garbage and taxes are still being collected, and day-to-day life in Belgium has not drastically changed despite the lack of a permanent government.

The Telegraph reports that talks between the Flemish regionalist leader De Wever and Socialist Di Rupo have devolved into infighting “centered on anything from Flemish collaboration during the Second World War to allegations of francophone cultural imperialism seeking to impose the Gallic language in Flanders.”

Belgium’s year-long political crisis has inspired a satire series, but not civil unrest. The Telegraph reports that there have only been a few protests at their politician’s inability to form a government, and both leading parties are still polling with high shares of the vote.

There are concerns that a split up of Belgium could trigger a credit event in Europe.

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