PHOTOS: A technician accidentally triggered an F-16's cannon and blew up another F-16 in Belgium

Picture courtesy Scramble Magazine

The Belgian Air Force is investigating how a technician servicing an F-16 jet fighter triggered its 20mm Vulcan cannon and destroyed another F-16 at the Florennes airfield.

Fortunately, just two technicians were injured when the second F-16AM exploded and was completely destroyed by the alleged slip.

Scramble Magazine agreed to share photos of the site after the incident, saying they were taken and uploaded to its forums anonymously. Here’s what one reader believes was the line of fire from the original F-16:

Picture courtesy Scramble Magazine

The jet fighter was fueled and ready for a training session, according to Scramble Magazine. Belgium’s Ministry of Defense issued a short statement confirming a plane was destroyed, a third F-16AM suffered collateral damage and the injured technicians suffered hearing damage but were treated on the spot.

Picture courtesy Scramble Magazine

Base commander Colonel Didier Polome told a local television news station: “You can’t help thinking of what a disaster this could have been.”

Picture courtesy Scramble Magazine

The Belgian Air Force has not commented further on how the F-16 under maintenance came to open fire on the other planes.

Several news outlets, including public broadcaster VRT and aviation site “received information” that a technician “accidentally activated” the six-barrel 20mm Vulcan M61A-1 cannon.

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