How To Shoot Photos In Las Vegas Without Getting The Boot

Really enjoying my stint as a Las Vegas photographer for our new venture,, which aims to bring the kind of “party journalism” seen in New York and L.A. clubs to the Las Vegas scene.

If you become a photographer in Las Vegas, or if you’re just a tourist with a nice camera, a couple of quick things to remember before you start shooting:

– You cannot shoot a casino floor itself; shooting photos of people playing craps, blackjack, etc will likely get you a stern warning from security at first, and if you continue you’ll be removed from the casino.

– Likewise, you cannot shoot photographs at Las Vegas strip clubs — doing so is a sure-fire way to get your group “asked” to leave.

– Outside on the Strip is fine, and on hotel floors is fine as well. Also, the Strip is now home to a wide range of celebrity impersonators who will gladly take a fun photo with you, in exchange for a tip. The other day I saw Batman impersonators, a Superman, Bumblebee (from Transformers), a Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter pilot, two Michael Jackson look-alikes, a Halo fighter, and a breathtaking plethora of Elvis look-alikes.

– Many night clubs won’t let you take in a large, professional looking camera (like a digital SLR), but a small point and shoot you can fit into your pocket or purse is typically fine.

Happy shooting!

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