Beijing Is Building An Airport That's Bigger Than JFK, LaGuardia, And Newark Combined

beijing daxing airport master plan competition

Photo: NACO

In 2008, the Beijing Capital International Airport opened Terminal 3, an enormous addition that made the airport the world’s busiest. Just a few years later, the airport’s 75 million annual passenger capacity is about to be surpassed, and China is already building another airport.The Beijing Daxing International Airport, to be built outside the capital city, will have room for 130 million passengers each year. In comparison, New York’s three airports (LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark) have a combined capacity of 110 million, according to

Dutch airport consulting firm NACO won a competition to design the airport’s master plan, and provided us the images.

Other design firms are currently competing to design the new terminal building.

The airport is expected to be the world's busiest, with capacity for 130 million annual passengers.

The planned opening is for 2017.

The plan includes an emphasis on public transportation.

The airport will have eight runways.

NACO designed them to minimize distances planes have to taxi.

There will be access via high speed train, metro, and inter-airport trains.

They will all run through the Ground Transportation centre.

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