Video Of Dance Teacher Slapping And Insulting Young Students Goes Viral In China

A mysterious video that shows a Chinese-speaking dance instructor kicking, slapping and insulting her young students has gone viral on China’s best-known video sharing site.

The video has been played 1.69 million times since it was uploaded just 3 days ago, according to Youku.

“Your mum spends 20,000 yuan a year [on dance lessons] and what have you learned? What? Does your family have too much money to spend?” the instructor says at one point.

“How long have I been teaching you this move? Right now it looks like bullsh**.”

Here’s a version uploaded to YouTube with English language subtitles (warning, the video may be upsetting to some viewers):

Mark Dreyer, a China-based sports journalist, writes on his blog that the video is “every bit as bad” as the video that got Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice fired. It’s “worse if you consider that these students are 13/14-year old girls,” Dreyer adds.

Many Youku commenters are now hoping that the teacher will be found and punished. However, that may be easier said than done.

So far, no-one has any clear idea who the woman in the video is — or even where the video was filmed (the video’s title says it was filmed in Beijing but there’s no confirmation of that).

China Daily managed to find the person who uploaded the video to Youku, who said only that they had got it from an international video sharing website where it had been uploaded last November.

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