A Beijing apartment has a totally transparent bathroom in its kitchen, and it’s the stuff of nightmares

Absolutely not. Michael Bellart/Twitter
  • A Beijing apartment has a bathroom with transparent glass walls in its kitchen.
  • It went viral when someone posted photos of it on Twitter.
  • People are understandably horrified by the setup.

Michael Bellart was apartment-hunting in Beijing when he ran into a problem.

Nearly every apartment he looked at had some kind of problem, but one apartment’s issues rose above the rest. It had a bathroom smack in the middle of the kitchen. And the walls between the two rooms were transparent glass, leaving anyone in there in full view of anyone in the kitchen.

Bellart, an editor at the Chinese business news publication Caixin, posted pictures of the apartment on Twitter and they went viral.

People, generally, were horrified


Some people pointed out that apartments like that sometimes have blinds for privacy


This one didn’t

It’s not unheard of – apartments with open bathrooms have sold for high prices

But Bellart, understandably, decided to continue his search

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