Here's What Happens Immediately After A Fighter Loses A Heartbreaking UFC Match

fighter kenny florian after ufc 136

Photo: YouTube

MMA fighters are crazy, blood-thirsty dolts.Or at least that’s the public perception.

UFC is trying to change this by offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at what happens on fight night.

This week, UFC President Dana White released a video capturing what went on after UFC 136.

It depicts exhausted fighters trying to come to grips with the physical and emotional punishment they just took.

Leonard Garcia was drained after losing to Nam Phan in three gruelling rounds

Phan came over and the two thanked each other for a great fight

Melvin Guillard was enraged after losing to Joe Lauzon in less than a minute. He stormed backstage and threw a chair

But immediately after that he collapsed on the ground and began crying

He pulled it together, and was tended to by doctors while muttering curse words

Kenny Florian couldn't even speak while the medical staff checked him out after a loss to Jose Aldo

grey Maynard was consoled by his corner man after losing the headlining bout to Frankie Edgar

The doctor examined his toes, then he was whisked off to take a toxicology test

Frankie Edgar had to do a quick photo shoot before celebrating his title

Dana White handed out bonus checks to four fighters after the event for Fight of the Night, Submission of the Night, and Knockout of the Night

Joe Lauzon was a severe underdog, but he got a bonus for Submission of the Night

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