Behind The Scenes Of The World's Largest Job Search Site, Indeed

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Indeed, the world’s largest job search site, is garnering over 60 million unique visitors each month and has been growing rapidly.Fueling this growth is a workforce of over 360 employees spread throughout offices around the world.

We stopped by Indeed’s headquarters in Stamford, CT to see the site in action.

We went out to Stamford, CT to check out Indeed's office there. A change of pace from NY.

Looking in we could see the Indeed office had a relaxed, collegiate atmosphere.

Near the front desk is Tyrone, the rhinoceros mascot of Indeed.

The office had some fun Valentine's Day decorations.

The main entrance includes a waiting area and a kitchen space with small tables for eating or quick meetings.

Zack DiSalvo (left) and Nath East (right) are training to be Account Executives. This was their first day and they were brainstorming for a training session assignment.

Later we checked in on their training session.

The view is nice, though a little less grand than one might find in NY.

Of course, the kitchen area features a fridge.

And it is pretty well stocked.

They have the Keurig coffee maker, a classic.

Indeed also offers its employees a nice Saeco cappuccino maker.

Cereal dispensers.

Then it is in to the office.

Caitlin Crainer is Indeed's Events Coordinator. She has been with the company since July 2010.

She helped set up this interesting homage to her colleague and our guide for the day, Michael Werch.

And she has interesting exercise M&Ms perched on her desk.

Busy working behind them is Ali Curtin.

The office has a fun, relaxed environment, they use the white board for jokes and office related humour.

They have tons of Indeed footballs throughout the place and Caitlin George in Business Development was tossing one around.

Desk setups are flexible and while most work sitting down, some have opted for standing desks.

And others, like sales intern Amanda Monteiro, go for a seated approach to the standing desk.

The office wraps around the floor.

Indeed CEO Paul Forster stands in front of the company's slogan.

The sign has the slogan in all kinds of languages.

There were plenty of meeting rooms spread out around the office.

And there were also a lot of hats! Friday is crazy hat day (though not necessarily every Friday).

Nearby in the heart of the Sales department is this computer setup that keeps track of each salesperson. It changes screens, and on another monitor everyone's sales progress is listed.

If you make a really big sale you get to hit the gong. It rung once while we were there.

And you get to spin the wheel for a prize.

Near the wheel is Erica Andreana, who is in the Sales Department. The bow on her phone set is from the company's Christmas party. She originally put it on as a joke, but it has stayed.

This cute pup above her desk used to belong to a former director in the department who is now in the company's NY office.

Around the corner from the sales department is client management. Standing in the distance is Justin Spencer, an Account Manager who has been with Indeed for 2 years.

He is originally from Philly and is a big Eagles fan. He also explained that the standing desk fad started as a competition in the finance department (we will meet some of them soon) to see if at least 5 people would start doing it. More than 5 did and then it became a regular habit for some.

Standing isn't the only healthy option at Indeed. This exercise bike is positioned so you can work while you workout.

At the end of the office's one floor loop are the human resources and finance/accounting departments.

The accounting team can get playfully competitive and Dave Whitlack is one of the main provocateurs.

He started a fruit collection competition to see who can get the most fruit on their desk each week. Smiling in the background is Mark Bucci.

Bucci the proud owner of this symbolic combination. The crown used to belong to Whitlack as the office Homecoming King (a theme for one of the company's parties) in 2010, but the title has passed to Bucci. He placed the crown on a lion doll in homage to his favourite film...The Lion King.

And the man who is in charge of doing for Indeed what Indeed does for others is Mike Steinerd, Senior Recruiter. He says a top characteristic Indeed employees share is the ability to be driven yet also know how to have fun.

For HR and recruitment, getting to know people quickly is essential...this test can help.

On our way out, Michael Werch shows us where the marketing department keeps all its schwag.

There's a lot of different stuff to give away.

Like specially made M&Ms with Indeed colours.

As we head out we learn one last bit about Tyrone. Rosie Tibaldi, this training and development coordinator, originally bought the rhinoceros as a last minute prize for office trivia night. But the stuffed animal's colours matched Indeed's so they kept him around as the office mascot.

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