First behind-the-scenes look shows the making of Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie

We’ve seen a couple of trailers for Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming movie about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, but now it’s time to see how the controversial film was made.

“Steve Jobs” is directed by “Slumdog Millionaire’s” Danny Boyle and stars Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogan, Jeff Daniels, and Kate Winslet. Its world premiere will be at the New York Film Festival in October.

ScreenSlam recently shared some extensive behind-the-scenes footage of the movie along with cast and crew interviews. 

Seth Rogan plays Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. 'If you embarrass these people, you're going to see a brain drain of this company, my brother,' he tells Jobs in one scene.


'I think Steve Jobs was a great salesman,' Fassbender says. 'I think we was a great negotiator, and I think he was a great observer of talent.'


'The structure is so cinematic... and so different from a normal biographical movie that it almost eliminates it from having to be real life,' says Rogan.


Aaron Sorkin's screenplay is divided into three acts surrounding individual product launches by Steve Jobs at Apple.

'It's a starburst of a script,' according to director Danny Boyle. 'It takes your breath away.'


Jeff Daniels, who starred in Aaron Sorkin's HBO show 'The Newsroom,' compares Sorkin's writing to Shakespeare. 'There's a music to what he writes.'


Kate Winslet, who plays Apple marketing boss Joanna Hoffman, says she was 'intrigued by the notion that this wasn't a biopic.'


The film doesn't focus on Jobs's illness later in life and only features one member of his family: his daughter Lisa.

Jeff Daniels says Fassbender 'tries to get to the core of why Steve did this and why he did that... It's certainly not an impression, nor is it intended to be.'


'Steve Jobs' premieres in theatres on October 9.

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