Here's What We Saw Backstage At Nicole Miller's Sci-Fi Runway Show

fashion week nicole miller back stage

Photo: Meredith Galante/Business Insider

Nature and science fiction don’t normally go together, but the themes melded smoothly on the runway at Nicole Miller’s New York Fashion Week runway show Friday evening.”I had this book called Super Nature, and it made me start thinking about the super natural,” designer Nicole Miller said before the show. “So that got me thinking about surrealism. The show turned into a nature meets sci-fi theme.”

Miller dubbed the collection “Batteries Not Included.”

The scene behind the runway was typically chaotic, with five different people working on a model’s hair, nails, and makeup at once. 

The spring like included classic black dresses, Miller’s staple. But the models themselves were anything but boring.

Everyone was fawning over this particular model, who had rainbow colour hair.

She said her hair was dyed like this before the show, and since it matched some of the clothes, Nicole Miller loved her even more.

Each model had several people working on her hair and nails at once.

This model looked fierce even while getting her hair done.

Most of the models played on their phones while waiting for their hair and makeup to be finished.

The models' eyes were made up in purple and turquoise.

The chaos backstage begins more than an hour before the show starts.

Here are the press-on nails Miller used on her models. The black nails were designed by Candice Manacchio, lead artist of CND.

This model had her makeup done first, so the hairdresser used a towel to cover her face so the hairspray wouldn't ruin her look.

This woman snapped a photo of herself on her Blackberry while professional photographers captured images of her.

Most of the models' hair was braided. The entire show felt like an 80s throwback.

On the runway, you could barely notice the nails, but backstage they were all the rave.

More texting while prepping.

There were about a dozen people backstage solely responsible for braiding the models' hair.

It got very warm backstage with all of the hairdryers going.

Count them: one, two, three, four, five people working on one woman!

While getting her hair and makeup done, this model zoned out by listening to music.

The makeup was all done by MAC artists.

The makeup artists used MAC's Spoiled Rich palette.

There was time for some fun backstage before the show.

Then we got to watch a quick walk-through.

And then the real show began.

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