Behind-the-scenes photos of a New York Fashion Week show reveal what guests don't see, from models getting accessories glued to their bodies to last-minute changes

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderBackstage is cramped with models, stylists, and hair and makeup artists.
  • Hanako Maeda, fashion designer at the brand ADEAM, showed her Spring/Summer 2020 collection during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) this September.
  • Born in Tokyo and raised in New York City, the ADEAM designer is typically influenced by elements of the two cultures. This season, Maeda was inspired by her parents’ hometown near the Port of Yokohama.
  • I spent the morning shadowing Hanako and taking in all the excitement backstage before the brand’s afternoon NYFWrunway show.
  • From music and seating setup to grooming and last-minute steaming, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that guests would never notice.
  • Here’s an intimate look at everything that went on in the jam-packed three hours before, during, and after showtime.
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My alarm goes off at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday and, unlike every other morning, I don’t hit snooze. I have some getting ready to do before meeting the ADEAM team at the set of their New York Fashion Week runway show.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderA board with each look and who is wearing them sits at the mouth of backstage.

ADEAM founder and designer Hanako Maeda is showing her Spring/Summer 2020 collection at New York Fashion Week, and her team has invited me in for an up-close look at all the goings-on backstage.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderHanako Maeda pictured above.

This is my first time experiencing backstage through the lens of the designer.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderI’ve held jobs in which I’ve been both a seated guest and a behind-the-scenes coordinator, but this is totally different.

I arrive on set at 11:15 a.m. and most of the team is already here working out the space.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderADEAM Vice President Blair Nemiroff goes through seating arrangements.

Hair and makeup stations are being set up …

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderADEAM partnered with NARS makeup company for the show.

… models are slowly trickling in …

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderFor some models, this is their first show of the day.

… and Hanako is walking through the space, signing off on “adjustments” and discussing the details, iced coffee in hand.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderHanako tells me she got to the Chelsea, Manhattan, show venue at around 10 a.m.

Carts of stanchions and electrical equipment whirl around her.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderPeople who work at the venue shuffle equipment back and forth across the room.

“I think we should just go as we planned,” I hear Hanako say to a small group. “We’re going to have the smallest number of mistakes if we just go as we planned it.”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThere are hiccups, and professional show executors want to change things up to adapt. But Hanako is confident in her original plan.

An initial run-through for the models is about to start, and Hanako and ADEAM VP Blair Nemiroff are strategising about where to sit and watch. “You sit there and I’ll sit here,” the designer says. “And you guys can compare notes,” a PR woman confirms as she finishes Hanako’s sentence.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderOne of many mini huddles of the day pictured above.

They are trying to figure out which direction to face guests on the bench farthest from backstage — if they have them facing out, would people in the next row think they were slighted and not given the front-row seat they were promised?

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderSeating at a fashion show is a true game of industry politics. Seats are assigned through a system of numbers and letters.

Someone else comes by and tells Hanako that she overheard models telling the stylist, Ada Kokosar, that this season’s ADEAM shoes are the most comfortable shoes they have walked in yet. Hanako lets out a relieved “Yay!” — a small win for her in the midst of pre-show stress.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderShe’s happy and tells me, ‘I want to make sure that the pieces are actually comfortable to wear.’

People in the room grab a seat so they can watch the run-through that’s about to happen — this is when models are led through the path of the runway while wearing their personal clothes.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderA model practices weaving in and out of the benches.

I take a seat next to Hanako, and Sada Ito, the lead makeup artist, comes to sit next to me. He tells me he’s been at the space since 9 a.m. — it’s now noon — and that the models started to arrive at 10 a.m.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderSada Ito (left) and Hanako (right) wait for the run-through to start.

“Normally in a horizontal space you would just make it parallel,” Hanako says of the slightly-angled runway. “But we’re doing it diagonally so that we get a clear model shot — so that there’s more space for the models to walk by the windows.”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderView of the runway as seen from the photographer risers.

But there’s a little bit of concern in her voice as she continues: “I think we should make it look like it’s intentionally diagonal instead of just random because then it looks a little messy and arbitrary, and I want the guests to feel like it’s organised.”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderShe gets up to tell a showrunner the angle of the benches needs to be more clearly intentional.

Someone close to Hanako whispers from across the aisle: “Hanako, I heard you’re teaming up with someone very important. How exciting!” Of course, nothing is confirmed yet and Hanako can’t tell me the details, but she smiles wide and clarifies that she’s got some collaborations in the works.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderHanako talks with family and friends.

It seems to be that every time there is a moment of concern for the designer, someone steps in with a small burst of positivity. She’s receptive to the good things and allows them to get from her ears to her head, making her smile, all the while staying alert to anything that may be going on a few conversations away.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderHer head is clearly in the game, but she also doesn’t have tunnel vision.

I move across the aisle from Hanako so I can capture her reaction, and from my new seat I hear Laurent Philippon — the lead hairdresser — talking with his team across from me …

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderLaurent Philippon (front row, left) pictured above.

… and a number of people in black speaking parts of a conversation via headset.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderHeadsets are lined up cleanly for the publicists and showrunners who need them.

The models start walking out in half-done hair and their own street clothes. “Remember: Please stay close to the windows, not the benches,” says the blonde line leader, who can easily be mistaken for a runway model herself.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderModels follow her like ducklings.

This season’s shoes are lace-up heels — beautiful, except that they aren’t staying put high up on the models’ calves. “Why don’t we just wrap it like …” Hanako says, pointing out the fallen laces. “Yeah,” Ada quickly affirms. She’s got it.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderStylist Ada jumps up from her seat next to me and starts re-tying a model’s shoe.

The next run-through will feature music that Mode-F — the sound team — has been working with the ADEAM team to put together exclusively for this show. “Should we fix the shoes for the technical run-through?” Hanako asks as the music starts up. “Yes,” Ada confirms, “They’re fixed.” She always seems to be one step ahead.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe Mode-F team sets up their equipment.

As if by request, the positivity comes through again: Ada says, “I like it” — talking about the laces lying haphazardly around models’ ankles — which makes Hanako burst out into two sharp-but-genuine HA HAs. That’s a hard no from the designer, but she appreciates the efforts of her team to look on the bright side. They all laugh and blame gravity — naturally.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThis is the way the laces are supposed to look.

The technical run-through is about to start and Hanako tells me what she’ll be paying attention to: “We’re going to see the lighting and how it affects the models’ makeup and hair. We’ll also know about the pacing of the models — we have three girls changing, so we’ll see if the timing is ok and make sure we have enough models on the runway.”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderA model gets her makeup done backstage.

Then the bass drops. One model, then the next, then the next — they start walking their practiced path at a pace that’s almost militant. Eyes are straight forward, one foot stomps in front of the next. Ada is taking a video on her iPhone next to me.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderModels are in the zone with the music blasting.

Sada is whispering commentary in Hanako’s ear as the models pass him. She’s looking at the women walk both toward her and away.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThey’re taking notice of the details.

During the practice finale, Hanako gets up to take a look at what her victory/thank-you route will look like. “I just want to say ‘thank you’ to as many people as possible,” I hear her say.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderShe plots a short route that will pass most of the seated guests.

The music slows and then quiets completely, and I hear a series of, “Girls, back to lineup please.”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe last of the models finish up their mock-finale and head backstage.

Someone backstage is explaining to their army of helpers how to tie the laces so there’s as small of a chance of them falling as possible. The low hum of the playlist is still vibrating through the space as Mode-F continues their testing.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderA woman in black takes great care while lacing up the shoes — no one wants to be responsible for one of them coming undone on the runway.

A woman talks about her wedding plans in one corner while people in headsets check in with Hanako in another. A chorus of high-pitched “Hi! How are you?!”s becomes almost as much a part of the ambient noise as Mode-F’s playlist — constantly there to the point where you almost don’t notice it anymore.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThere are so many conversations happening at once.

Models sit on the floor and chat while they wait for their next turn in the hair and makeup chairs. All the wheels are now in motion, and no one is without a task.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThey’re not on the floor for long — things move quickly.

A man sporting all black and a headset gets on a microphone and asks everyone to “Please clear the show space for empty room photos.” Everyone piles backstage and into out-of-view corners.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderHe has to ask three times before people clear the space.

It’s past 1 p.m. and Hanako tells me that the show scheduled before hers got a late start, which means both models and guests coming from that show to this one aren’t here yet. Casting a show is a puzzle — models walk several shows per day, and in order for everything to run smoothly, every show needs to start on time.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderOf course, starting on time is far from likely. The call time on ADEAM’s invitation is 1 p.m.

The models who are there, though, get their hair done …

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThere are photos of how models’ hair should look on the wall.

… nails done …

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderA lot of the models are on their phones while they’re being groomed.

… and makeup finished.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderSada Ito completes some finishing touches.

Some makeup artists are taking photos of their masterpieces on their phones before the models get dressed.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderSome of them share their looks on social media.

On the other side of the room, styling assistants talk to Hanako about what they “usually” do as models line up to go out on the runway. But this season, the backstage area is cramped and narrow — there’s not enough room for all these people to work hands-on. They manoeuvre and figure out what to do while Hanako gives another pre-show interview.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderNo crevice of the room goes unused.

She tells a reporter about ADEAM’s signature yarn — a blend of cotton and polyester — that’s made in Japan. She also talks about her decision to experiment this season with the brand’s usual Japanese denim by using a stonewashed version.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderSome reporters speak with the designer before the show and others wait until after.

Guests are starting to arrive, so I hop into the freight elevator and travel down to street level. I’m met with more people in black — sitting at tables and holding iPads — who are checking media and other guests into the show.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderGuests are lined up on 15th Street waiting to be let in.

There are a few on-the-street photographers there, waiting for industry icons and people dressed in fabulous things to walk by. The atmosphere is thick with anticipation.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderI can feel the mood of ‘Come on, let us in,’ that’s seeping through the pores of guests.

Guests ride the freight elevator up to the show space and are herded around the curtains to their assigned seats. It’s around 1:15 p.m.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderGuests enter the venue, mingle with one another, and find their seats.

I duck backstage again just in time for first looks — the time before the show when both editorial and house photographers can get their detail-driven shots in.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderModels have handfuls of cameras in their face at a time.

A photographer from NARS, the makeup brand, tries to capture the done-up models while a hairdresser tries to get photos that highlight the “natural wave” style he’s accomplished with the help of curling irons and wide brushes.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderIt takes a lot to get hair to look perfectly ‘natural.’

Photographers are sneaking between one another to get their shot. It’s every person for themselves.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThey ask each other to move out of the way.

On the other side of the clothing rack, an ADEAM team member is gluing ear cuffs onto a model’s upper cartilage.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe accessories are an important part of each look.

The metals are heavy, and she’s hoping they stick long enough for the model to walk her runway route.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderBlowing on the glue helps it dry faster on the model.

Someone says: “We have to press the ruffles!” There’s a model in a blue-and-white striped dress that’s looking pretty wrinkled. Seamstresses heat up the iron and place a board between the dress and the model’s skin so the hot air doesn’t burn her. There’s a system for everything.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThey contemplate having her take the dress off completely, but there’s no time.

Security tries to clear backstage of any lingerers. I’m crouched underneath a monitor displaying a live runway feed when a security guard asks me if I’m a house photographer. I tell her I’m with Hanako, but she double checks with the team to make sure.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderI don’t take offence to her scepticism because everyone is just doing their jobs.

Hanako tells another reporter about how the collection’s cocktail pieces can transition to daywear while those wearing black line up models next to her.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderAnother reporter comes in for a pre-show interview.

There’s blue painter’s tape on the floor showing each model where to stand.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe tabs are labelled with each model’s name.

The hum of Mode-F comes back into audible focus. Everyone is tying up loose ends — literally and figuratively — and “Hi! How are you?!” turns into “Thankyousomuch.”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderIt’s go-time.

It’s now 1:30 p.m. A woman in black says: “Models, it’s showtime!”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThey’re ready to go.

Hanako’s eyes are on the monitor looking to see who has arrived, and she’s shaking the nerves out of her hands.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderShe hops around to get some of the energy out.

“Yep, step up,” a woman in black says to the first model. Boom. Mode-F is now commanding attention with a combination of booming bass and twinkling piano, and the first model is sent out to walk.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe moment has arrived.

The first models come back to the dressing area and run to change into their next look.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe music has transitioned into a song with vocals and a deep bass.

At the seven-minute mark, the models take their finale lap all together.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderGuests get to see the collection go by all at once.

Then at eight minutes and 30 seconds, Hanako runs out onto the runway and everyone applauds. She graciously bows and thanks everyone for coming.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe audience cheers.

She returns backstage one minute later to a huge round of applause. The music quiets but continues to play.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderEveryone is watching on the monitor.

The show is over, and it’s taken all of 10 minutes from the first bass boom to the moment Hanako returns backstage.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderSo much work happens for such a quick moment.

Most guests stand up quickly and rush out. They’re already onto the next show.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderEveryone says goodbye and rushes to the elevator.

“I’m super super excited,” Hanako tells me after it’s all over. “I think it was better than planned, which is one of the fun parts of doing a show. It’s really unexpected and it’s sometimes better than what you could imagine.” Then she’s pulled into a post-show interview.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderHanako explains the collection to Shannon Adducci of Footwear News.

Family and friends come backstage to hug Hanako and cloak her in praise.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderMaggie Gyllenhaal is part of the gracious crowd.

They gush over the collection, and Hanako dabs away tears of both joy and relief.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderShe does a great job at keeping her makeup in-tact.

Models get changed and run out to their next show. They stop to thank Hanako and the styling team, double-kissing everyone on the way out. The sharp “Thankyousomuch”s become “Mwa! Mwa! See you!”

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe double kiss is a staple of fashion etiquette.

The show space is broken down within minutes — seat cards get peeled up and thrown away …

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderEveryone has a job during cleanup.

… and the risers, lighting, and music setup gets broken down.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderThe risers are put together so people photographing the show can have a good angle.

The PR team is celebrating their umpteenth finish for fashion week thus far, but they’re also running out to get to their next show.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderOnto the next!

Meanwhile, backstage, the hair and makeup teams pack up their suitcases …

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderAll teams seem to use suitcases for their gear.

… and some models take the last few minutes to touch-up their faces before running out.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderOne last swipe of moisturizer for the road.

The looks have gone back on hangers, and those wearing black are placing them all in garment bags. “Everything has to be showroom ready, everyone!” one of them announces.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderA third-party company will come to collect all the runway samples and take them back to the showroom.

Hanako has been working on this nautical-inspired collection for six months, and just like that, in less than four hours, the show is done. Thirty-two models, two grooming teams, a styling team, one PR agency, and countless extra hands — that’s what it takes to get Hanako Maeda’s 35-look collection down the runway.

Rachel Askinasi/Business InsiderIt takes a village.

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