Behind The Curtain At NALP...12 Employees!

Ludacris luda surprised

Before you lob another rotten tomato at NALP or its practices, a shocking revelation: NALP is staffed by 12 people.

There were more members on the American bobsleigh team than there are keeping the wheels greased at the nation’s pre-eminent legal trade association.

Hyperbole aside, according to William Chamberlain for the National Law Journal, NALP is a relatively small organisation that does its best and is the product of the efforts of its members. It doesn’t deserve all the Internet’s vitriol.

Chamberlain’s defence is interesting and seemingly rare, and probably necessary for any real progress in the debate of how NALP’s guidelines and reporting habits should be revised to increase accuracy and transparency.

But respect for NALP isn’t the real issue here. It’s respect for every law school, student, associate and firm that relies on its information.


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