Before And After Pics From Pixtr, The Photo App That Erases Your Flaws

Pixtr photo editing appNotice the eyes, nose, lips, all done instantly and automatically

Pixtr is a new iPhone app that makes people look more beautiful in photos.

It uses facial recognition software to scan the photo and make minor adjustments like slimming a nose or a jawline, trimming eyebrows, correcting camera distortion. It takes into account things like sex, hair colour, age.

It’s very easy to use. Just open the picture on your iPhone and open the app and it does the rest. The changes are very subtle, like airbrushing.

For now, the app is only available for the iPhone. An Android app is coming soon, though.

Look at the 'before' picture on the left and the 'after' on the right. Notice the colouring , nose, jawline.

Pixtr can tell if the photo is of a man or a woman and adjusts accordingly. Notice the eyebrows, cheekbones, jawline.

It doesn't really work on dogs. But the woman's face looks more slender.

Sometimes, it doesn't change a lot. The change to the nose in this one is subtle.

Notice the lighting, cheekbones and jawline.

This is the before picture. Pixtr can work on two faces at once ...

Notice the lines around the eyes and nose.

Along with lighting changes, the proportions of the face are adjusted just a little bit.

Notice the complexion, jawline and forehead in this one.

Here, Pixtr softened the lines under the eyes, around the nose and shapes of the faces.

Three faces, three noses, not a problem!

Even when the original photo is beautiful, lines can be softened, a complexion brightened.

No matter the angle, Pixtr can figure it out. Look at forehead, nose, lips and ears.

Notice the tiny changes in proportion of forehead, lips, chin, jawline.

A typical not-so-flattering selfie. This is the before pic ...

After Pixtr, faces look less distorted (Flip back and forth with the last slide to see it in action.)

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