THEN & NOW: What CNBC Journalists Looked Like Back In The Day

Maria Bartiromo in 1998

Earlier this week, financial television behemoth CNBC celebrated its 23rd birthday. 

After going through old video clips and images to mark the occasion, we were amazed at how much the talent has changed over years.  

So we decided to put together a “then and now” of several top financial TV reporters from CNBC, Fox Biz, and Bloomberg TV. 

Some of them we found embarrassing hairstyles from the 80s and 90s and others adorable childhood shots.  Some of them really haven’t changed all that much.  

THEN: recognise this adorable child actress? It's Melissa Francis as Cassandra Ingalls on the TV show 'Little House On The Prairie.'

NOW: Francis, who previously worked as an anchor for CNBC, is on Fox Business these days.

THEN: recognise this guy? It's Bill Griffeth anchoring FNN during the stock market crash of 1987. We love that mustache.

NOW: 20-four years later here's Griffeth anchoring CNBC's 'The Closing Bell.'

THEN: Here's Neil Cavuto on CNBC, then known as the Consumer News and Business Channel, back in 1989.

NOW: He's currently a host of shows on both Fox Business Network and Fox News.

THEN: Check out Sue Herera, one of CNBC's first hires, doing her thing back in 1992. Wow, we love that big hair!

NOW: 20 years later and Herera is still looking good on CNBC, but with a toned down hairdo.

THEN: Check out Trish Regan as Miss New Hampshire back in 1993.

NOW: Today the Bloomberg TV anchor still looks like a beauty queen.

THEN: Amazing. It's Jim Cramer with more hair back in 1997 on Frontline at his hedge fund. Look at those curls!

NOW: The 'Mad Money' host in all his glory.

THEN: Here's Maria Bartiromo making an appearance on Conan O'Brien in 1998. She was rocking a shorter haircut back then.

NOW: Here's the 'Money Honey' still looking great while reporting on the markets at the New York Stock Exchange.

THEN: Liz Claman rocked a shorter hairstyle on CNBC in 1998.

NOW: Claman is currently an anchor on Fox Business Network.

THEN: Check out this younger Rick Santelli reporting from the CBOT floor in 2001.

NOW: A decade later and he's still on the CBOT floor doing his famous rants.

THEN: David Faber on CNBC's 'Squawk Box' back in 2001.

NOW: Incredible. Faber doesn't look all that different.

THEN: Scott Cohn on CNBC in 2001 reporting during the September 11th terrorist attacks.

NOW: Here's the investigative journalist in 2012 reporting on breaking news.

THEN: Check out Erin Burnett's senior yearbook page from St. Andrew's School in 1994.

THEN: recognise this cool kid? It's Senior Editor John Carney.

NOW: And he's still keeping it real on 'NetNet with John Carney.'

THEN: Kayla Tausche looked different when she was at DealReporter covering the Cadbury-Kraft merger. Too bad we couldn't find a picture of her as a cheerleader at UNC in 2006.

NOW: Today Tausche, who is a CNBC correspondent, looks like a seasoned reporter. We love her adorable short, blonder hairstyle.

THEN: CNBC's Kelly Evans was a scholar-athlete when she played lacrosse for Washington & Lee University.

NOW: Here she is today Evans rocking some voluminous hair on CNBC.

THEN: Carl Quintanilla hosting 'Wake Up Call' in the early 2000s.

NOW: He's currently the co-host of 'Squawk on the Street' and what's remarkable he hasn't changed all that much.

In case you missed it...

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