12 Portraits Of Boxers Before And After A Fight

before and after the boxing match

Photo: Howard Schatz

The gruesome aftermath of a boxing match can be seen primarily on the boxers’ faces.Photographer Howard Schatz, who is also a trained ophthalmologist, has taken photos of boxers before and after their fights for his new book “At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing,” which was released this week.

Schatz spent six years entrenching himself in the boxing industry, photographing and interviewing the game’s biggest stars and newest players as well as managers, trainers, promoters, club fighters and many others.

We are featuring a selection of the before and after photos of boxers’ faces, courtesy of Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein.

Cecilio Santos, Super Featherweight

Dimitry Kirilov, Super Flyweight

Orlando Lora, Welterweight

Octavio Narvaez, Light Middleweight

Jesse Feliciano, Light Middleweight

Tarek Rached, Middleweight

Andy Lee, Middleweight

Craig McEwan, Middleweight

Terrell Nelson, Heavyweight

Fabian Luque, Welterweight

Pavel Wolak, Middleweight

Don Mounton, Super Middleweight

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