BEERS, BRATS AND BRAWLS: Oktoberfest 2011 In Numbers

The Lederhosen are folded away, tents dismantled and glasses washed as revelers head home after another successful Oktoberfest.

This year, Munich’s all-inclusive party saw a record amount of beer drank, thousands of bratwursts eaten and more children lost than ever before.

It has been 19 days since the Mayor of Munich tapped the first keg but remnants of the festival can still be seen across the city.

We’ve had a look at the numbers to see how BIG the Bavarian cultural extravaganza (and subsequent hangover/cleanup ) really is:

6.9 million – the number of visitors to Munich for the occasion.

201 – Oktoberfest’s official age, in years.

17 – the duration, in days, of the festival.

7.5 million the total number of litres of beer that were drank.

118 oxen were eaten over the two-and-a-bit weeks.

53 – calves were also consumed.

920  – the price, in cents, of a litre of beer.

226,000 – the number of heavy one-litre glasses, called “Masskrugs,” recovered by security staff before then were stolen as souvenirs by festival-goers.

8 – the length, in centimeters, of a live grasshopper handed into the lost property office.

48 – the number of children lost (and, thankfully, found) during the festivities.

58 – the number of brawls brought to the attention of police during which a “Masskrug” was used as a weapon.

1,045 – passports were handed in to lost & found (one plane ticket was also recovered).

1 – Set of false teeth were discovered in the lost property tent.

350 – mobile phones ended up in lost & found.

520 – wallets were misplaced – and never reclaimed – by revelers.

425 – the number of people who lost a set of keys.

6 – the time, in months, that people have to claim their lost items before they are sold at a charity auction.

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