If you like beer, you should try these wines instead

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While beer and wine can initially seem like very different beverages, there are more similarities between the two than you might realise.

Christine Ricketts, cellar director at wine retailer Cellarmasters, explains that “like wine, beer offers elegance, balance, complexities and nuances”.

“The two drinks can even have some of the same aromas such as fruit, spice, lemon and grass,” she says.

If you’re a beer drinker thinking about drinking something new, here are six wines you should try.

If you like wheat beer, try vermentino

Try Stefano De Pieri Fleurieu Vermentino 2017 – $16.99


Vermentino is the go-to for wheat beer lovers as they both share the same crisp acids, are citrus-y on the nose and have a fine-textured finish.

Both pair excellently with seafood.

If you like pilsner, try pinot grigio

Try Elevated Earth Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio 2017 – $19.99


They both have floral, straw-like and slightly bitter notes that create a crispy drink.

If you usually reach for a pilsner when you’re eating spicy food, swap it out for a grigio, as it goes very well with hot dishes.

If you like amber ales, try rosé

Try Krondorf Growers Barossa Grenache Rosé 2017 – $14.99


Amber ales are flavourful and sweet with a dry finish, just like rose.

They’re both great in the warmer months and are full-bodied and fruit-forward.

If you like golden ale, try chardonnay

Try Byron & Harold Wheelabout Margaret’s Muse Chardonnay 2016 – $19.08


If you fancy a golden ale for the apple, pear and stone-fruit flavours, you’ll enjoy a glass of chardy.

Both have light acidity, and are great to drink on a warm afternoon.

If you like blonde ale, try pinot noir

Try Riversdale Estate Centaurus Reserve Tasmania Pinot Noir 2016 – $39.99


Blonde ale and pinot noir are both light- to medium-bodied, share a malty kind of sweetness, and are balanced and mellow.

Blonde beer-lovers will also enjoy the similar stone-fruit and spice notes found in pinot noir.

If you like stout, try cabernet sauvignon

Try Brookland Valley Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 – $23.35


Cab sav is the wine version of a heavy, roasted, and malty stout.

Both are bold, full-bodied and have strong fruit flavours.

Like stout, cab sav is your cold-weather friend. Drink it with a Sunday roast, or stews and casseroles.

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