The days of ridiculously cheap beer for Australian soldiers are coming to an end

Soldiers enjoying a beer. Photo: Getty Images

The price of alcohol for Australian defence force (ADF) personnel will increase in September, according an internal Defence document obtained by the ABC.

The document says the hike is aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm in the ADF, ensure consistency in the pricing structure at more than 130 bars on Australia’s defence bases and partially offset labour costs.

According to the Independent Advisory Panel on Alcohol in 2011, average drink prices at ADFA’s ‘Beersheba Bar’ in Canberra were as follows;

  • local beers — $2.30
  • light beer — $1.80
  • imported beers — $2.90
  • pre-mixed drinks — $3.80
  • shots — $2.20

At HMAS Cerberus in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria local beers averaged $3.50, pre-mixed drinks were about $5 and shots averaged $3.80.

From 1 September, ADF members will have to fork out $4.90 for a full-strength draught beer, $8 for pre-mixed spirits and $5.50 for a red/white wine.

The table below outlines the new prices for alcohol purchased on base.

Beverage Price
Draught beer, low alcohol (375ml) $3.80
Premium draught beer, low alcohol (375ml) $3.80
Draught beer, full strength (375ml) $4.90
Premium draught beer, full strength (375ml) $5.35
Standard spirit (30ml) $5.50
Premium cider (500ml) $7.80
Pre mixed spirits (375ml can) $8.00
White/Red wine (150ml) $5.50
Fortified wines, Port/Sherry, etc (60ml) $2.00
Bottled Wine — Set by mess committee TBA

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