Beer Prices Won't Be Affected By The Drought

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Photo: Flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

The historic worldwide drought appears poised to send the price of everything from corn to cheeseburgers higher.But will it take our beer too?

Paul Gatza, director of the Craft Brewers Association, told us brews are likely to be spared from the brunt of weather’s effects.

“For brewers, barley plantings went up this past year,” he said. “Barley areas — which go from ND across top of country into Wash State — a lot of those areas haven’t been hit as hard.”

Indeed, a map showing where barley crops are concentrated shows reveal areas largely spared from the country’s drywave.


Photo: USDA

Hops are even more narrowly confined — grown almost exclusively in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, none of which have shared in the South’s and Midwest’s crushing drought conditions.  

Gatza did caution that when corn feed stocks run low, there tends to be increased pressure on barley stocks.

But the translation is not direct enough that there should be any major impact, he says.

He cautioned that we won’t know the full story until crops are harvested this fall.

But it looks like beer drinkers are in the clear.

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