Here's how much beer and cigarettes cost in big cities around the world -- and Australia is one of the most expensive

Vice is more expensive in some cities than others.

Deutsche Bank circulated a research note illustrating how the cost of living varies across some of the world’s biggest and most popular cities. One of their sources was Expatistan, a site that crowdsources prices in big cities around the world.

Here’s the price of a pint (500 mL) of beer at a neighbourhood bar or pub in the expat area of each city, according to Deutsche Bank’s analysis of Expatistan’s price data.

Paris, Singapore, and New York all will set you back at least $US7.00 for a beer, while Manila and South Africa’s two largest cities offer drinks for under $US2.00.

Melbourne, Australia ranks as the 7th most expensive place to grab a pint at a bar at $US6.15.

Here’s the price of a pack of twenty Marlboro cigarettes. Smoking is a very expensive habit in Australia and New Zealand:

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