A New York Cheese Shop Is Making 2,600 Pounds Of Fresh Cheese Every Day—And It Wants You To Watch

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, a Seattle-based cheesemaker and cheesemonger that just opened a flagship store two blocks north of Union Square in Manhattan, wants to change the way America eats.

It’s doing it by teaching people how cheese is made, from start to finish. And with floor-to-ceiling windows that expose Beecher’s 2,600-pound-a-day cheesemaking operation to passers by, it’s doing so with a flourish.

We recently talked to lead cheesemonger Elena Santogade and head cheesemaker Dan Utano about making cheese in the public eye and selling U.S.-made cheese, some costing as much as $38 a pound, to cheese-loving New Yorkers.

Produced by Kamelia Angelova & Robert Libetti

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