Bee One Aims To Be Cutest, Cheapest Electric Car


British startup Bee is talking up its dream of building a four-seat, five-door “Bee.One” which is supposed to be the UK’s most affordable electric car when all is said and done.

That could be in two years, as they hope, or it could be never, if things don’t work out. It appears as though it’s just a picture now. Turning a picture into a car and maintaining the targeted price will be a challenge. The little car isn’t supposed to be a primary vehicle, says the company’s founder, rather a car for local trips.

Here’s the specs as per Reg Hardware:

  • Cost: £12,000 ($17,700/€13,600) minus £5000 ($7400/€5600) from the British government via a rebate.
  • Top speed: 80mph
  • Range: 100 to 200 miles
  • Production: Starting in 2011, 12,000 cars a year
  • The car will also be equipped with 3G connected software that will monitor the system.


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